Books & Designs

Broken Dreams Sleeve Designs

Below you can download in PowerPoint format Broken Dreams' album sleeve designs in detail (file sizes 1-1.5MB each). Sleeve designs are not to scale with an actual CD cover. Files are seperated by different periods of the band.

<Alums 1-4 (Rodrigues/Guthrie Era) [2002 - 06] Albums 5-8 (One Man Show Era) [2007 - 09] Final Album 9 (Rodrigues & Ross Finale [2009 - 2012]


To view any films that have been directed by Daniel go to the D-Rod channel in Youtube.
D_Rod Channel (DR0048)

Children's Books

Since 2006 Daniel Rodrigues has been writing children's books out of enjoyment. This is quite ironic to some people since he is known to dislike children. If you are really curious you can download the following books.

The Alphabetical Animal Series (2006 - 2017)

Adam the Anteater (2006) Betty the Bat (2007) Cathy the Caterpillar (April 2008)

A Little Black Dog Called Depression (October 2008)

* A Little Black Dog Called Depression contains adult themes. Parental guidance is recommended.

Ellen the Emu (November 2008) Fred the Frog (May 2009)
Garry the Goat (May 2009)
Henry the Hairy Horse (January 2011) Darrell the Dingo (August 2011)
Isaac the Iguana (April 2012)
Jayne the Jackal (October 2012) Ken the Kookaburra (November 2012)
Leo the Loon (December 2012) Malcolm the Mongoose (February 2013) Nelson the Newt (March 2013)
Oliver the Otter (April 2013) Petra the Platypus (June 2013) Quinton the Quoll (August 2013)
Rudi the Rooster (October 2013) Sandy the Sloth (March 2014) Terry the Tortoise (September 2014)
Ursula the Uakari (February 2015) Victor the Vulture (November 2015) Wally the Wombat (December 2016)
Xavier the Xenopus (July 2017) Yuri the Yabby (November 2017) Zola the Zebu (December 2017)